Why teach programming using Corona SDK?

At the moment, I am not aware of other schools teaching App Development in Corona SDK. I am sure that such schools are out there and I would love to get to know the teachers. Being a beginner in this field, I am sure I can learn a lot from those with more experience.

Here is why I believe Corona SDK is a good platform for teaching programming:
  • App Development is more likely to engage the kids' imagination than, say, database programming;
  • Corona supports both iOS and Android devices;
  • Lua, the language used by Corona, is a flexible, minimalistic language. Eg: variables don't need to be given a type and semicolons are not required at the end of each statement;
  • The SDK includes objects that give access to the mobile device's screen with great ease;
  • It is a new platform that is gaining a lot of momentum among developers;
  • The Apple University Consortium (AUC) has started offering courses on Corona SDK. A great endorsement;
  • Every evaluation I have read of the performance of Corona Apps has concluded that speed is not an issue at all; and
  • The Corona community is very helpful. There are many bloggers who are happy to post tutorials and answer questions by email.
If you can add to this list, please do so via the comments.


Unknown said…
I too am teaching Corona SDK. Actually, I have some students that are independantly learning it for their end-of-year project. I am going to actually teach it to all of my students next fall.

I teach 11th and 12th graders at a Career Center (Vo-Tech Center) in Michigan.

I have heard great things from the students that are using it. They say the language (Lua) is easier to use than ones we have used previously (C++, C#).

I love the idea of making games for iOS and Android. My class is a PC lab, but I am in the process of ordering a Macbook Pro to compile iOS games/Apps.

Let me know if you would like to collaborate.

Steve Keinath
Hi Steve,
Wow! C#, C++ and now Lua. Your students could teach me a few things. I am running a club for students who have no programming experience. All the same, I would love to co-operate. We're now connected on Twitter, so maybe we can arrange an online chat.
I taught a course in Corona earlier this year in the Multinedia Graduate Program at CSU East Bay During winter quarter. Students loved it. It's perfect for programmer newbies. I've got a series of tutorials on YouTube under the moniker "cheetomoskeeto" (http://www.youtube.com/cheetomoskeeto)

Great to hear it is being adopted widely.

Thanks for the link, Rafael. I am sure the tutorials will be helpful to me and my students. BTW: My students are in years 8 to 12 (in most states of Australia, secondary school is years 7 to 12).

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