Three podcasts on, what I have learned

This is what I have done:
  • Created mp3 files on topics related to the IT curriculum;
  • Included musical interludes - radio program style;
  • Increased the length of the casts from 11 to 20 minutes;
  • Varied the bit rate from 128 Kpbs mono down to 56 Kpbs mono;
  • Prepared ideas in the form of bullet points and kept my speech unscripted.
This is what I have learned:
  • Keep the file size small - a 56 Kbps mono-channel is sufficient;
  • Use podcasts to introduce a topic, not for revision;
  • Keep it short - no longer than 10 minutes;
  • No need for so many musical breaks. If the cast is short, then just use music to tell the students that I am moving to another section;
  • Ask the students to answer questions or write an entry on an online forum.
  • Continue to speak in a conversational tone but stick to the planned examples.
If you have examples of your own, then please share them in the comments.


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