My first educational podcast - what the students did not say

Last Thursday I fiddled with Audacity on my PC and made my first audio cast for my Year 11 IT class. The next day I was full of anticipation. They listened to it, and here are the things they did not say:
  • Wow, Mr Elias, I didn't know you were so talented.
  • I will listen to this on the treadmill tonight.
  • I have never understood so many concepts in so little time.
  • Mr Elias, you have a great recording voice. You should be on radio.
All the same, I felt that it worked really well. The students had been praying with a friend who lost her father, just before my class. They arrived at different times and were feeling understandably upset. The fact that they could start listening whenever they arrived really helped. They also laughed at my joke, which is always a good thing! Here are some of the things they did say:
  • It was easier to understand than the textbook.
  • Use music to break up the sections.
  • Don't make it so long, it gets boring.
So, the next time I podcast, I plan to keep it simple, use more music, and try to be less boring. If they say the things in the first list, I will be sure to let you know.

Elias, a 21st century educator :-)


Anonymous said…
very cool, Mr E!

but, my much EXTRA work does the preparation of a podcast require, given our already busy workloads??'re as entertaining as ever!


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