The first week back

Two weeks, one with students, have passed in a short term of eight weeks. My homeroom seems great. Despite having many students who were leaders in their Primary school, there is little evidence of groups forming around these leaders or any objectionable behaviour. My other classes are also going well, which is not surprising at this time of the year. It usually takes our girls a couple of weeks before they feel comfortable enough to test the teacher. Even when they do, it is usually a case of chatting. We don't have many really mischievous students.

I have a greater number of integration students than ever before. I wonder how well I will do with them. I have a very competent aide in two of the classes.

Most interesting to me is the fact that one of my classes, a year 11 elective, has 13 students in it, 12 of whom I have taught before. This must be a function of the time I have been teaching at the school. This is my fourth year, fifth if you count a teaching round I did at the school. The year 11s have been at the school for five years themselves. It is really good to have a working relationship with a class before we get started.

Anyway, that's all the time I have to blog. Theodore and Christina are taking up most of my time.

Enjoy your school year everyone.


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