Saturday, September 16, 2006

Make up four: a puzzle

A colleague gave me this puzzle yesterday. It is very cool.

Rearrange the sticks on the left hand side of the equal sign, so the sum does equal 4.

| + || + ||| = 4

Note: The plus signs are also made up of sticks.

Post your answers in the comments field.

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E. Storm


| + || + ||| = 4, with the '+' being also made up of 2 sticks each gives us a total of 10 sticks.

There are two solutions :)

1) (mathematical) (Left as an exercise for the student - AKA I'm still working on it.)

2) (artistic)

/ |
---- = 4



This is so creative, I had to ask my wife to explain it to me :-)
In all honesty though, I am visually challenged and very impressed by this solution. Keep working on the mathematical one.

tb the great


very simple elias

very simple

simply move the two sticks for ||on top iof the |||

like so

| + III = 4

am i good or what?

tb the great (but poor fonts)



the font didnt quite give the desired effect...

but u get my drift, right?

Mr. B


How about

| + | + | + | = 4

Am I missing something? This seems too easy.



Well done, Mr. B.
TB, your solution would work well except that you are not allowed to move two sticks.

tb the not so great!


NOW you tell me, Elias

o yes, one stick movement is very easy!

just very obvious

what about this:

remove one of the matchsticks, then move one only to make a true equation.

Good luck, E & Co.