It's hanging on the fridge!

I began this semester with a new year 9 class. Two weeks into the semester, one of the students invited me to a talk she was giving in her English class entitled "why I despise Maths"! The student certainly displayed a negative attitude in class, though she did achieve a high mark on the test.

At parent-teacher interviews, I learned that she enjoyed creative subjects. I suggested that, since we were learning "linear graphs", she could try out the virtual beadloom software. Today she announced to me that she had made a beadloom and enjoyed it. I asked her to show it to me, but she said "It's at home, hanging on the fridge!" She then turned to her neighbour and began to describe the activity.

As you can imagine, I was so delighted. A piece of Maths work is on display at a year 9 student's house!


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Anonymous said…
If a student told me they wanted me to hear their talk on why they despise maths, i wouldn't do it.

I used to despise English at school, but now i know it was because i was weak at it.

i am sure that the same applies to most students...they hate what they are not good's a natural childish response.

Our task is to make maths easier & enjoyable...its a great challenge

Congratulations on doing this with your beadloom task!

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