Help! My nerdy humour is not working

I wanted to liven up a very serious revision lesson with my year 10 IT class. So I used some nerdy humour. I jumbled up some sentences on how computers catch a virus and how these can be removed. When rearranged, the paragraph reads:
Comic book guy opened a file from an unknown source. A virus installed itself on his computer. The virus infected his files. Comic book guy panicked. He ran anti-virus software. The files were disinfected. Comic book guy breathed a sigh of relief, and celebrated with a Vegemite sandwich.
Next to this was a cartoon of the comic book guy (from the Simpsons) saying: "No emoticon could describe how I feel".

Needless to say, they thought it was a very lame joke :-(

Hip people out there, can you help me? Or am I beyond help?



Anonymous said…
yes you are beyond help, Elias, but the Lord helps those who are beyond help themselves.

I dont get your humour either, but so what? As long as you are having a good time, then the students will be having a good time.

Onre of my chagrins is telling jokes to my Year 8's and them not getting it...o well..maybe this is why teaching senior years is more fun....they get my jokes!

joke on, matter how lame or nerdy..joke on!
Anonymous said…
errm.. Elias.. may you please explain the joke to me? I have the best intentions of laughing at the joke, but I'm having a slight problem of locating the 'funniness' of it..

please help!
That's right, guys. Kick me when I'm down!

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