Another puzzle

Those who enjoyed solving 100 pirates will want to take a look at the 2 Numbers puzzle, on Naught Much. Other people's solutions are in the comments, so be sure not to cheat!



Anonymous said…
yes yes yes

v good

what about this?

using algebra to prove that
1= 0
Let x = y. (x,y are nonzero)
Then x2 = xy.
Subtract the same thing from both sides:
x2 - y2 = xy - y2.
Dividing by (x-y), obtain
x + y = y.
Since x = y, we see that
2y = y.
Thus 2 = 1, since we started with y nonzero.
Subtracting 1 from both sides,
1 = 0.

what is wrong with this theory?
Good try TB!
If x = y, then x - y = 0
You cannot divide by (x - y) since you cannot divide by 0.

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