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The day we said "sorry"!

Today, the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, said "sorry" to generations of indigenous Australians who were stolen from their families. As kids, they were removed by force from their parents and sent to institutions or white families so they could be "saved", "assimilated" and, some would say, so that the Aboriginal identity would be erased forever.

Some have opposed the apology on the following grounds:
It is an admission of guilt by a generation that had nothing to do with it; and
It does nothing practical to help ease the poverty and social disintegration of the Aborigines.Yet, sorry is a powerful word and those in favour of uttering it won the debate. The parliament of Australia legislated for the removal of children from their families and it should say sorry, even if the mouthpiece is of a younger generation. The stolen generations have requested that they be apologised to and the least we can do is honour their wish.

Today is a historic day in…