Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why I believe that Christ is God!

"Woa, I thought that was an educational blog!"
The last few weeks, I have been on my summer holidays (it's summer now in the southern hemisphere) and have not been thinking as much about school. What with my new baby boy and my daughter occupying me. Today, I caught up with a colleague over coffee and we began talking about God. I thought that this is something I should blog as it certainly comes under the criteria of "ramblings of [this] Australian teacher".

To cut a long story short, it seems that, these days, people are prepared to call Jesus Christ everything except for God. He is Lord, friend, brother, companion ... They side-step calling him God. Yet this is an essential part of classical Christianity. He is the "Word" who was from the beginning. Now, why does that matter beyond making an obscure theological argument? Read on and I'll tell you why I think it matters.

If Christ is God, then the Divine and earthly have been united in his person. It means that we too can be united with God. It means that matter can be a conduit of the Grace of God and that this world is redeemed. We too can pass from suffering and death into life. The alternative is not nearly as optimistic or beautiful.

In Christ, God shows the depth of his compassion for humanity and bridges the gap which we have created between us and God. If Christ were a mere prophet, then he could achieve little more than Isaiah or Hosea. He would be -almost- redundant. We can live in a "nice" world without an Incarnate God, but we cannot live forever without one.

Classical Christianity is meant to be gloomy, telling people that they are sinners and undeserving of God's Grace which is granted them despite their ingratitude. Yet, the alternative tells of a God who stays on his throne. The most that such a God would do for sake of self-revelation is give us a subjective "religious experience". I think I will stick to my Orthodoxy.


Monday, January 08, 2007

The greatest gift of all

Dear readers,

I have not blogged for a while, so here is my latest:
In the last two days I became the dad of a second child: a boy. We have named him Theodoros, a gift from God. Well, that's not his real name, only his alias on this blog! I also have a daughter, Christina. So my wife Mary and I can hopefully experience the joy of raising children of both sexes. Mary and Theo are doing well.

May all your news be as good.

Beamingly yours,